Echo's Van De Titanic (2012)
Echo's van de Titanic (2012)
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Het Zoeklicht
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A mystery based in today's financial world, but with ties to survivors of the Titanic, I found this book very captivating. I liked the way the author would develop the mystery involving some deaths and accusations at Brennan and Tate investment firm, and then deftly insert a chapter about what happened to the Brennan and Tate ancestors on the Titanic, shedding just a little needed light on things at a time. The characters, both in the historical part and the modern part, were very interesting, and i really did want to continue reading to find out what really happened. Readers expecting a book devoting much time and attention to the Titanic will probably be disappointed; it is an important piece of the puzzle, but not a major one. Great Book! Found myself wanting to read “just one more chapter”. The story of Kelsey Tate, her great grandmother Adele, and the tragic sinking of the Titanic was most enjoyable. I also enjoyed the reconciliation within the story of Kelsy and Cole, but more importantly, Kelsey’s reconciliation with God and her understanding that her life was nothing without God. The authors have woven a wonderful story of modern day mystery and rich history of the Titanic. I highly recommend “Echoes of Titanic.” (rev. P.Howard)
really enjoyed this mystery of her ancesters and who they were.
Very good historical fiction with a decent mystery mixed in.
3.5 2012 in NYC: A titanic problem.
Great book!
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