Edge Of Hunger (2009)
Edge Of Hunger (2009)
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Okay Ladies and Gents,This one was really good. I love Ian, even though he has the ability to jump off the page and make me feel as though he just slapped me instead of Molly! I read the 4th book in this installment first. It was awesome as well, which was why I decided to read the 1st three. I saw a few reviews saying it's best to read the 1st 3 books first. I disagree, although the 4th had plenty going on, you still are able to follow the story whether you read them in order or not. That being said, the beginning of this series is very intense, scary, sexy, just lovely. Ian is such a "Bad A**! But he comes off as a JERK MONKEY who cares for nothing and no one but himself. Until you get to pulling back his layers. He's the perfect contradiction. Molly was the only one besides his mother, who saw him and didn't back down. Which makes her the perfect "yin" to his "yang" The way this world is described and the way you are introduced to it is very creepy and unsettling. It's a very good read and I highly recommend it. I will certainly be reading books 2&3 soon! I could not stand the hero, Ian, in this book. He had the worst attitude and it took nearly the entire book for him to FINALLY realize that his life has changed forever and he needed to deal with it. The heroine, Molly, was not much better. Ian kept being cruel to her, pushing her away and she just kept on saying "Ian I trust you" and "I believe in you". She was like a wet blanket throughout the book. I do not think I will continue reading this series.
Καλουτσικο ηταν, δε με χαλασε, περασε ευχαριστα η ωρα.
Very sexy and interesting. I wish he didn't smoke though.
Book #91 for 2009
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