Een Boek Per Dag (2011)
Een boek per dag (2011)
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9047202163 (ISBN13: 9789047202165)
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This story about a woman who read a book each day for a year and wrote a review on each one sounded intriguing. Although I read prolifically I cannot imagine doing this. First of all when choosing books I would not want to be limited by the size of the book or the number of pages. Secondly, when I have finished reading a story, I like to savour it and think about the contents, not race on to the next so that they all become a blur. I often finish reading a book in two or three days, even longer books of 400 or 500 pages, but to set a time limit seems to me to diminish the pleasure of reading. Some stories require "lingering over" even re-reading certain passages which convey a particular idea or emotion which you find especially appealing. That said, I found the stated reason for the author's year-of-reading suspect and very self-indulgent. I do not have a sister, but I have lost a beloved husband, and by the author's own admission she did not always get on well with her dead sister. To spend an entire year reading and writing for six hours a day to assuage her grief when she had four young sons, a husband and home to care for, appears to me to be the height of selfishness. Having four children myself, three of whom were very close in age, I cannot begin to imagine how she found so much time to read. Obviously something had to be neglected. (Assuage - definition "To satisfy an appetite or desire", and I think this was the motivation for her year-of-reading.)The story was well written for the most part, there are some passages which I found especially memorable such as:-"Jack and I are together because we love each other and what we have made out of our love is a place within the world where we are safe - or as safe as we can be. After losing Anne-Marie (her sister), I know the limits of security, but I want to be held as tightly as possible within those limits of love and caring." We all want love and security in our lives. The historical section relating the story of her parents lives during the War, I found the most interesting part. However, she often draws parallels from the themes in the books she reads with her own life, which are not always convincing. This is a memoir of the grieving process the author chose after the death of her sister. Her unusual, and intriguing, plan was to read a book a day for a year. Three hundred and sixty five books to read and review while simultaneously continuing her role as wife and mother of four young boys. This year was a refuge for her, a time where she was able to recharge and return to her life as a whole person. I found the idea interesting a compelling, as I am a fellow bibliophile. I learn best through story and can appreciate the power of the written word to transform a life. The execution of the book, however, felt too busy and I had a hard time finding the path she was narrating for her readers. Her reflections were interesting and vulnerable, but the continued repetition seemed unnecessary.
Too much lecture/ literary criticism and not enough memoir. It wasn't bad, just not for me.
Inspirador. Adorei adorei!
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