Eight Girls Taking Pictures (2012)
Eight Girls Taking Pictures (2012)
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Such an empowering book that addresses real challenges that women faced in chasing their dreams. If you're a woman who loves photography or the arts, or simply looking for a book to inspire you, do read this book. I think you'll love it as much as I did. OK, maybe I'm a bit biased because of the topic :) "Sometimes the works of an artist are like slots on a roulette wheel, you make one project or picture after another until the wheel stops and you are "discovered," never knowing if the discovery is going to be the project that most represents you." I have never been a fan short stories. I'm always left wanting more. With that said, I'm thankful I did not read any reviews of this book ahead of time because I probably would not have picked it up. I would have missed out on these lovely stories. I really enjoyed how the stories intertwined. Being a photographer only deepened my attachment to the characters. Still, only three stars because of the short story factor.
This is a collection is short stories about women photographers through history. Disappointing.
This will be one of the few books I will read again. Not for everyone but I loved it.
Loved this, eight fictionalized biographical sketches of female photographers.
Several separate short stories. Enjoyed somewhat but didn't finish.
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