El Corazón Del Millonario (2009)
El corazón del millonario (2009)
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Harlequin Ibérica, S.A.
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Hero is a pig...every cliche in the book, from "I'm not a monk" to repeated reference to how he has the right to bang a different "willing woman" whenever he feels like it, to his discarding of heroine like trash even though he was sleeping her for a week because she didn't tell him she was an employee, to his plan to use and discard her again, to his plan to take his kids away from a loving mother just so he can have what he wants. Basically, he's a giant ID...a whiny brat who always gets what he wants. What a creeper....inexplicable that heroine loves him. She knows he has women coming and going, that after he slept with her and threw her away, refusing to answer a constant stream of email from her because he didn't care (even though he knew they had unprotected sex), busing himself with a constant parade of "willing women" in and out of his bed. What's to love? He's got no redeeming qualities except looks and money. And his plan was to divide the kids and each take one...like puppies? What a moron.I would have gone to court with evidence of his immoral lifestyle and failure to respond and gotten sole custody and support...and found a real man. Spoilers, Spoilers, Everywhere Spoilers...I've always found Maureen Child to be a good author. I appreciate her easy writing style that makes her books a fast read, while not being completely lacking in depth like some series romances can be.That said, the characters in this book were worthless. The basic plot was that Jenna had a week long fling with her boss, Nick, who didnt know he was her boss. He found out, fired her without reference and then refused all contact with her when she tried to contact him repeatedly for the next year. Then she shows up on his cruise ship because its the only way to let him know that he is a father (as if legal channels wouldn't have been the way to go). They fall into bed again within days, though she knows he's a man whore who has a low opinion of women. He, meanwhile, wants to bed her and dump her and is annoyed that he wants her so much. She finds a naked chick in his bed at the same time he gets the DNA results saying he is the father, and she storms off back home.Nick follows her home because he thinks the best thing to do would be for him to have one kid and her to keep the other. He changes his mind when he sees them, bully for him. He is rich as Midas, so threatens to sue for full custody if she doesn't let him live in her house while he gets to know the kids.They of course fall into bed again. Then he decides they should get married, he buys a house and then tells her so. She says no because while she knows he loves their sons, he doesn't love her. He argues with her and then when he can't win the argument, tells her he loves her. And then she says yes.Nick was a complete ass and Jenna was stupid. She didn't seem to care that he was a man who had treated her and almost every other woman he came in contact with like an item he could use, manipulate and discard at will. She didn't seem to mind that he bullied or blackmailed her into every situation. The sex was good and he loved her sons and while none of his actions proved it, he said he loved her so it must be so. Basically, if this were a real life scenario, very quickly she would find herself in a marriage where she was not a partner but chattel. He would eventually start sleeping around again and her sons would grow up with the main male role model in their lives showing them that women were beneath them except for sex.
Nice read.... that too for free... Nice...
Nice reading. I like the surprise.
Cute, short story
Great read.
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