El Dilema De Jules (2014)
El dilema de Jules (2014)
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I was so excited to read this, as I am a big fan of Jules and the Die For Me trilogy. I never even knew about it until yesterday, and the fact that it was a different point of view made me super excited. And oh, how it lived up to it! I loved seeing how it all started, when Vincent first saw Kate, and how it all led up to their first meeting, and what Jules thoughts were and how his love for Kate grew. It made me fall in love with Jules all over again, and to be honest, he's the one I would have picked out of the three of them (Jules, Vincent and Ambrose). I really feel for Jules, especially as he speaks nothing but the truth to Kate but she totally dismisses it as flirting. If you like the Die for Me series, read this, as the only bad thing is that it's quite short and only an e-book. Quite a moving story from Jules's point of view while he falls in love with Kate.I suppose the point of a novella is for it to be sure, but I would definitely have preferred it if the time period had been shortened, and instead we saw deeper into Jules' feelings and inner thoughts as opposed to cinematic action. I would have loved to know more about his background and the essence of his feelings in more descriptive lines. Oh well, I still really liked the Revenants trilogy, and while this book in no way enhanced my liking for the trilogy, it did not deflate any of it either.
Love the story, but need more. I hope that there is a complete story of Jules coming?
Cute, but if you read the three books you don't get much info from this one.
3.5, it was a good recap and side story
I love Jules. Sweet guy
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