El Enigma De La Atlántida (2009)
El enigma de La Atlántida (2009)
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To be honest, I endulged in this book thinking I might find out a little bit more about what Atlantis was like as a city, but it turned out to be a huge disappointement. At some point I felt like I was facing a scene from fifty shades, and the feud between Leslie and Natasha got a little bit over the top. I would consider this novel as a thriller, minus the "religious", because unlike Dan Brown's novels, you don't learn much, and to me, religious thrillers are supposed to get you to question a certain topic, open up new plausible theories. However I can't deny that each chapter left me wanting more, thinking "alright it has to get interesting now", so it was worth the 3 star rating. Well, I love the idea of the hidden instruments and the legend of Atlantis... but all comes again as a doofus guy who is highly intellectual and an extraordinary linguistic with a let’s say chauvinistic and self centered views about his persona and women as apparently they can’t resist him and he will never really care… at all; and not to quarrel with the idea that all along instead of being a real interesting book that could come with original ideas... no.. It all comes down to the Bible and the Roman catholic Church ... I mean what a waste of time. Sorry but Leslie the reporter apparently lost a finger while being tortured and the main worry after is if the guy "Thomas Lourds" is actually bedding some other girl… of course the pain and actual fear of being tortured and possibly killed just was not THAT important. And while I personally admired Natashya, in the end she just went to bed with the guy ... and Rambo killed everyone else... I mean ha ha ha Come on!!! What a bunch of crap. Still the information about archeological sites, the study of linguistic archeology are fair and interesting, the idea had substance, but the way is carried and then resolved left me more annoyed than enthusiastic about reading this author ever again.
It's a very good book. I liked it so much, I started the second book The Lucifer code right away.
A great page-turner! I gladly lost sleep to finish many chapters.
I enjoyed this although you always knew who the baddy was.
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