El Infierno De Gabriel (2013)
El infierno de Gabriel (2013)
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Loved it. Truly romantic (unlike other "books" out there). Eroticism doesn't necessarily means sex scenes, this book has erotic scenes without truly falling into the "porn" bag that everyone seems to love nowadays, and that's what i like about this books and what i believe makes it different than the vast majority of the new "erotic" books out there. I do have to say never liked the female main character, but i rarely do so that´s just me. It has history, Dante, the Divine Comedy, love, tears, drama, eroticism,a sexy professor, a lovely Italian scent. I recommend it, but if you are looking for the poorly written good looking billionaire then look elsewhere. I gave Gabriel's Inferno by Sylvain Reynard 3 stars. The book was ok by not what I was expecting. I had looked at the book many times and when I saw it listed as a top 5 book to read after Fifty Shades and saw it was listed with 2 other series I had read and loved ( One Night Series by Jodi Ellen Malpas and Crossfire Series by Sylia Day) I got it. The story was good but drawn out- it's more for teens to read. The book was to vanilla. I'm hoping that book # 2 will be better.
This was just awful. I couldn't even finish reading it.
aaaaaa bolo to velice zaujímavé :D
Amazing book I very much loved it
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