El Juramento (2011)
El juramento (2011)
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La Galera
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I really liked this, and it's interesting to see the myriad mixed reviews this book has garnered.I liked the characters and the traditional styled family dynamics; the ways that families stand up for and protect each other.The characters are strong people who have very distinctive beliefs and values, showing just how diverse people are, and I believe this gives the book an extra amount of credibility despite it's mixture of fantasy and paranormal.Although in many ways there is probably a good amount of predictability regarding the plot, it's still a good story which is well done. It also displays a good mixture of medieval and contemporary village versus urban atmospheres.I shall be on to the next novel really, really soon... Okay, I am going to be honest.The summary sounded badass. Like seriously, holy sh*t it sounded so good. I felt like the book in a way didn't express the true potential, and a bit too.. cliche. Especially the queen, are you serious?But I loved how she understood all the languages, but what the f*** are you suppose to do with that stuff? It's not like you can whoop someone's ass. Just my two cents, her baby sister's abilities are so much cooler. I picked up the book because the cover was beautiful and the summary captivated me.I have the two other books following this series, but I'm debating whether or not I should read it. Especially since the Everneath series just now captured my attention the same time as this book did. (Awesome series by the way, *Everneath*.)The font that this book was printed in didn't make the book have a serious feel, but overall could had been a great stand alone book if it wasn't for the queen still alive and thriving.I was also very surprised at Brook, she is a badass. I love her!I like this book, but seeing how my excitement was at 100, now down to a 10 after finishing the book, I can say that I will not be continuing the series.
Really really enjoyed this book!! A very creative story to it!
Dayumn this is a really good book."I pledge to keep you safe."
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