El último De Los Inocentes (2012)
El último de los inocentes (2012)
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Panini España, S.A.
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This was my first foray into the CRIMINAL world, though I've been a huge fan of other Brubaker/Phillips books for ages. I hadn't gotten around to picking up a volume until our Ladies' Comic Book Club chose it as our November read...and man, am I glad we did.Brubaker is fantastic at writing noir. Phillips is uncannily awesome at representing the noir visually in every panel. If you've read any of their FATALE series you'll know what I mean. This stand-alone episode of CRIMINAL just proves their marvellous simpatico relationship once again. Gorgeous to look at, distinct characterizations straight away, and a compelling story that made me tear through the entire book in less than an hour.Obligatory plot outline: Riley is loath to return to his hick hometown, but when his father dies he takes the opportunity to go back and, in the process, dodge a loan shark who's been after him. Riley married into an insanely wealthy family right out of college, ensuring financial security by choosing the "Veronica"-esque Felicity over the "Betty" ex he still loves. But despite working for his father-in-law's corporation and having a gorgeous wife, life isn't all days of wine and roses. His trip home turns really dark very quickly. It's delicious to watch everything fall apart. My mention of Betty and Veronica is apt: One brilliant stroke of ingenuity here is that, every few pages, we're treated to the various characters' back stories by a page done in Archie comic style art, which really drives home how innocent things were when this group of friends (and enemies) were younger. It's in such stark contrast to the dark themes and colours throughout the present day plot that it's jarring, but in the best possible way. Seeing what some of these people were like back in the day, and how things have turned out for them, hits an emotional note that I don't often find in graphic novels. You get invested. You can't help it. I'm happy to know there are more CRIMINAL books out there waiting to be read. This one was so taut and smart (and did I mention dark?? The ending made me slap a hand over my mouth in astonishment) that I want more. A dark and semi-tragic noire story about the attempt of the shady lead to turn his life around. This story is both gritty and complex, as the lead tries to determine his path and is willing to go to ruthlessly work to see he gets what he wants. The dialogue used for him is great and creates a great contrast between the 3rd person and 1st person points of view. Riley is a very simple person in a complex world with complex consequences, while retaining classic noire archetypes. It is debatable whether he ever ultimately ends up being truly happy, as he gives up a lot to get what he wants.The artwork is fantastic, with a gritty and dark present day pallet reflecting the disillusionment the lead has with the work. The bright almost Archie comics style bright representation of his visions of the past really shows why returning to Brookview and its memories is so important to the lead. These style create another layer of interesting contrast that really stands out. Criminal is one of the best noire series of all time, and it clear that Brubaker and Phillips have really reinvigorated that noire genera and are a truly outstanding team.
Perhaps the darkest Criminal book yet. Love this series!
Great story. Very well written and illustrated.
Very different from rest of the volumes
The kings of noir comics do it again.
Best collection of the series
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