El Multimillonario Cae (2000)
El Multimillonario Cae (2000)
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This review is from: The Billionaire Falls (Billionaire Bachelors - Book 3) (Kindle Edition)The Billionaire Falls was a bit of a disappointment. I never complain about this in my reviews, but this book was sorely in need of an editor. Melody Anne didn't bother to write a story that made any sense and that flowed. Mark is a billionaire in his own right and he is the younger son of the billionaire Joseph Anderson. Joseph has matched his other two sons Lucas and Alex with there wives and now it Marks turn. He matches Mark with a young widow who is on the run with her 5yr. old son. Her in laws want to take custody of Trevor away from her and they have a court order She refers to them as ex in laws. She didn't divorce her husband before he died in a auto accident so why refer to them as EX. It was just a poor choice of language. She also refers to her deceased husband as EX instead of deceased. Joseph and his family show up repeatedly in the story but where is Catherine the mother. She is mention 2 times in the entire story. She didn't even have any kind of banter in the story with Emily. She was present in bk1 and 2 and spent time with Amy and Jessica her daughter in laws. Then there is this stalker that comes from nowhere and kidnaps Emily. Mark and his hands find her very quickly before any harm can come to her. The scenario with the in laws or Trevor's grandparents and the Stalker were just poorly written. I guess it was too add drama to the story but It failed, This was not a well written story in either scenarios. I did like Emily's character, but it was unbelievable that she was married to a rich man and had never been to a spa. Mark was great with Emily and Trevor and I like his character. I don't think we even know Emily's dead husband's name. This story was just poorly done. I am glad it was Free!! Don't Pay for this Book. It is not worth it. Joseph Anderson has been successful with finding brides for Lucas and Alex now he must find one for his youngest son Mark. Mark owns and runs a billion dollar ranch and is in need of a new cook. Unaware to Mark Joseph is more worried about her relationship status and marriage potential than if she can cook. Emily Jackson and her 5 year old son are on the run and are in need of money fast. She finds herself in a small town in Washington and comes across an ad for a live in cook and cannot believe her luck when she lands the job. When things start to spark between her and her new boss she doesn't want to risk having an affair with him and losing her job. This story was full of mystery and drama and had me from the first page. Mark and Emily's story, to me, was so much better than the last one. There was more of a plot to this one and the characters seemed much more developed. Although some of the things that Emily did I didn't really agree with but hey everyone deals with problems differently. This is a great way to get away from it all and get lost in a story!
Gave it 3.5Writing is improving as the series goes on.
Esta família deixa-me sempre bem disposta!!!!
Loving each one
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