El Rito (2014)
El Rito (2014)
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I read the description for this online and immediately put it on hold at the library. Within a week, I had it and couldn't wait to start. When I really enjoy a novel, I finish it in a couple days. This... This was just bad. The story starts with promise. A fairy tale beginning that is darker and more sinister. Then onto a couple in Mexico, where more weird, sinister things happen... It kept me interested... Until chapter 3... The young couple turned into old biddies and it never really changed from there. The stories just dragged on and on and on and on. I found myself skimming and scanning to just get the point and be done with it. I even skipped the second to last chapter and just went straight for the end to get it over with! I have never heard of this author, but he just seems like one of those smart people who have to cram their education down the throats of anyone who will listen. I DEFINITELY do not recommend this book to ANYONE. Just... Don't waste the time. Los dos últimos capítulos me han parecido acojonantes. Por cómo dan forma, por fin, al horror cósmico, adaptado a la manera de entender la literatura hoy en día. Y por cómo conectan con el primer capítulo del libro. La versión del cuento de Rumpelstiltskin ideado un poco a la manera de Angela Carter, que queda expuesto como preámbulo de lo que hemos estado leyendo posteriormente; una recreación esencial de un universo inmenso, aterrador, entre cruel e indiferente para el cuál somos insignificantes. Quizás el resto de la novela no está a la altura, pero da un poco lo mismo. He vuelto a disfrutar con una historia de este tipo como hacía muchos años que no hacía.
I just couldn't get into this one. I tried. Interesting premise, but just didn't grab me. Moving on.
Great horror story. A little slow at times. Gets 4 stars for the Rumplestiltskin tie-in.
This book is a great read!
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