Elements Of Retrofit (2013)
Elements of Retrofit (2013)
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I liked this one, but I didn't love it. It was good, very well-written with nary a stray word, thought, or phrase. The writing was a bit spartan, much like the MC, Thomas Elkin. Tom is 44, divorced, and a successful architect. He's newly single, out as gay for the past four years, and attracted to his new intern--who also happens to be a childhood friend of Tom's 22 y/o son.It's a predicament. Cooper is young, lithe and attractive, but he's also a darned good architect and has a passion for design that matches, if not rivals, Tom's. They are a good match, setting aside the age difference. Oh, and the fact that Tom is essentially Cooper's boss.The men work together for weeks, building a deep rapport, one that Tom can see Cooper fashioning to his expectation--Cooper is insanely attracted to Tom, something Tom finds flattering, and perplexing, by turns. Their attraction turns to the physical, all on the down-low, but at times it was a bit too down low, for me. Would have liked to see more heat between this silver fox and his straight-talking protege. The end had it's predictable work-spat conclusion/resolution, which was entirely satisfying. This is a series I'll follow.My biggest gripe with the book was the CLEARLY BRITISH diction and spellings. The men are American, the story set in America. Idiom wasn't a big problem here, but it was a bit aggravating. I'm an Anglophile, so I love Brit books--just not when they pose as American. I was a little worried when I first started reading because I wasn't sure I liked the age difference aspect of it. That didn't end up bothering me at all. I think it was really well written. I definitely questioned whether or not Cooper was misplacing his feelings there in the beginning and I thought their fight was a little over the top and didn't merit the fall out which is why I didn't top this at 5 stars but overall a great read. N.R. Walker never disappoints!
This was worth every penny and every minute I spend on it.Soooo goood!!!
sweet short read
3.5 stars
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