Elisha's Bones (2009)
Elisha's Bones (2009)
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0764205609 (ISBN13: 9780764205606)
Bethany House Publishers
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If you are like me and grew up watching Indiana Jones and then going outside and using your sister's jump rope for a bullwhip then you will like this book. It has everything the Indy movies have:1) A professor who is pulled away from his classes to go to remote areas.2) A pretty girl who has a romantic history with the professor.3) A mystery concerning some historical bones that must be found.4) The bones cannot be found unless they are jumping continents.5) Secret rooms with secret traps that can easily be triggered.6) A high octane ending with a lot of drama.7) An ending that leaves room for many sequels.8) And we must not forget the secret society that will stop at nothing to keep the mystery from being revealed.Yes friend, all that and more when you sign on to read Elisha's Bones. This was a good read and I found it very interesting the way Hoesel tied everything together. It does read like an Indiana Jones novel but I really liked those movies so I really liked this book. Plus it was clean. There was no bad language used, no graphic sex was described and drug use was not glorified. This was a good book to read if you are wanting to escape your uneventful life and step into a wonderful adventure. Book starts out well, with a dig in the desert, however, it progresses very slowly, traveling from place to place was difficult to follow sometimes, and I felt, with as many of the Dr.'s friends that were killed, he would have more emotion or guilt. The last five chapters in the book by far the best, you could in essence read chapter 1-4 & skip to chapter 20-end. you'd still have everything the book offered. would I read again-no, another book by this author-maybe, recommend to others-no.
great book. reminded me of Angels & demons. lots of twists and turns throughout and a great ending.
It's interesting but a long read ;)
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