Empty Fridge (2012)
Empty Fridge (2012)
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0987109936 (ISBN13: 9780987109934)
Wilkins Farago
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People living in a 5 story apartment building have spent a busy day enjoying themselves. So much so, that they have forgotten to buy any food for dinner. As we move up the building, floor by floor, new food is found until the neighbors realize that together they can make a quiche. In the end, they notice many other apartment buildings are doing the same thing so that a big quiche party is started out in the streets and green areas.While this is not a traditional tale, it pares will with Stone Soup. Little things put together add up to a big meal; working together we can accomplish big things; sharing makes hard times more fun, etc. The story takes place in Paris, so some things will need to be explained before: what we call the 1st floor, they call the ground floor so when the neighbor goes up to the 1st floor, to us it is the 2nd floor; a capsicum is another word for green pepper, chives, and quiche. Each floor and character is colored the same as their food, which can be used as a prediction game with the students - how is color used in this book?Students really enjoyed this story. French author, Gaetan Doremus, tells a brief yet beautifully illustrated encounter about coming together in light of a disaster...there's no food. Everyone has pieces but no true meal. As they knock on each person's door, they slowly gather ingredients and decide to make a delicious quiche. This splendid story shows what can be accomplished when strangers work together with a goal in mind. I loved it!
I want to live in this apartment building! What a lovely little dream.
A French variation of "Stone Soup".
"There is general enthusiasm!"
What a lovely fantasy!
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