Erasing Faith (2014)
Erasing Faith (2014)
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Julie Johnson
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I absolutely loved everything about "Erasing Faith". I read "Say the word" before reading this one and loved it but this one was even better for me. There's no point saying what is so great about the book because everything is just fantastic,you start reading and you just can't stop.Now, the only sad thing is that I only have one more book from this author to read- "Like Gravity",which I'm sure I'm also going to love. I am a big fan of her writing and will keep reading anything she comes up with,most definitely! I loved this book! I loved the romance, the suspense, the mystery, the intrigue, all the different elements of this book. I also want to go to Budapest now! I loved Faith, her trusting, innocence, positive, nervous chatter. She was so sweet and endearing and such a ray of light. I also loved Wes. I love how affected he was by Faith. I do have to say that I loved the first half of the book more than the second half. And I could've used another epilogue. But the writing is fabulous and I got sucked into the story right away. I devoured it!
Loved this book!! <3 Julie Johnson never disappoints :).
Loved it! Full review to come later!
Sadly it didnt get any better.
A is for awesome. Loved it
3.5 star's
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