Esta Vez Es Distinto. Ocho Siglos De Necedad Financiera (2011)
Esta vez es distinto. Ocho siglos de necedad financiera (2011)
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Interesting, and important but pretty dry. I would recommend for all those who say Australia's debt 'doesn't matter'. This book shows that even if we are comparatively much better off than most countries, and have a comparatively low debt to GDP, that it still makes wise financial sense to move towards a low debt status. Indeed, the fact we are doing so much better is all the more reason to keep our noses extra clean. This book had the exquisite timing of coming out during the GFC, but was not written to directly address it or the after effects, so it is a strong history and source of information without being dragged into the partisan debates about 'austerity'.That said, I ended up skimming it once I'd picked up the main themes. Useful to have on the shelf. Maybe i'll learn more from it through osmosis if it stays there long enough. Somewhat dry, but meticulously researched. Many graphs. This book puts financial crises into perspective. They've been going on for a long, long time. Somehow, the world manages to soldier on. This book is a good remedy for those with short memories who shudder at the prospect of currency flight or national debt default, thinking this surely portends the end of days. The authors do point out that data on states, counties, and large communities should be looked at, since certain regions, like the Mississippi Delta, have been underperformers.
This is really for academics--it's a very long and tedious book if you're a casual economics reader.
applicable to problems of today. not political.
it's a hard read to be honest.
Great book
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