Eternal Breath Of Darkness (2000)
Eternal Breath of Darkness (2000)
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Review of Eternal Breath of Darkness by Candice StaufferWord of warning: Draw a cold bath and fill it with bags of ice you will needed it after this story of sinful lusty passion, trust me. This was not like any book I have ever read about Demons, ghouls, vampires, and lycans; not even close. Lady’s hole on to your panties for this love story’s leading heart throb is a Demon. Oh yes, a gorgeous, muscle bond, spin chilling, pulse rising, hear stopping Demon named Haden. But wait there is more than one of these luscious demons to make your heart pound of your chest. Haden had a cousin, a brother, and a friend that are all as delectable as he. These Demons only job is to protect humanity but Haden has fallen for a mortal woman; a woman who had experienced years of pain and torture by those who should have protected her. As their love grows a nasty member of the undead, Paul, falls in love with her and he had a nasty scheme to make her his own and destroy Haden at the same time. Will Paul’s evil plan work? Will he get the girl? Will the other Demon’s find their soul mates as Haden has done? These are the things you will want to read this book to find out. However, be ready to ready to have your world rocked when the wickedly sinful immoral but delightfully exhilarating passion raises it wonderfully mischievous naughty head. Ever read one of those books where the Heroine was just too stupid to live? And you just can't for the life of you figure out what the Hero sees in her?Well meet Caylee and Haden.This books came highly recommended, so I decided to give it a try. I'm at chapter 16, and using sheer will power to get to the end. Things are not looking good.I gave 1 star, cause I know how difficult it is to write, complete and publish a novel, and another star because in all this jumble I've seen some sparks of originality.. and that is just the good stuff.There is more telling and verbiage than letting the action play out. There are at least 5 instances that Caylee does something so stupid (like always putting herself in danger) that Haden gets a medal for not dumping her arse right there. Honestly, I would have let the Vampire get her and given heartfelt thanks.. Poor sod, I guess there is the bond thing. Caylee's character is so confused, she has the reader confused, and not in a good way.The plot is simple enough, but the motivations aren't clear.Haden is spends much of time reading Caylee's thoughts (a sucker for punishment) and even more on his ego. 'I'm a Demon, wise and indestructible, strong and blah blah blah!' Seriously?! Haden's cousin Zack, seems to be the only one who sees the situation clearly.At this point, I've lost all sympathy with the characters and got about 8 more chapters to go. I'm either holding out hope that this book improves or I'm a glutton for punishment. To be fair to the author, I guess I have to finish the book for my rating to be justified.I'll update if and when I do. But so far I've been generous with those stars.........Ok, I'm done. The last 3rd of the book flowed better. And I just might be intrigued enough by the other characters introduced to read another in this series. Unfortunately, I can't add half a star, so my rating stays. After checking out earlier reviews, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who had problems with this book. Some explained it quiet in depth, but I wanted no spoilers.
Hot sexy demons , romance, adventure, action, what more could you ask for
I couldn't finish this book, you'd think it was written by a 16yr old.
I am definitely hooked <3
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