Eternal Sin (2013)
Eternal Sin (2013)
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0451240162 (ISBN13: 9780451240163)
Signet Eclipse
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Definitely my least favorite if the series. The entire concept of Syn having his emotions removed was frustrating and unsatisfying. He was a complete asshole, and not in a kind of sexy way like some alpha males are written. I enjoy sexual tension and flirty banter...but this was just straight lust with no pretense of possible deeper emotions underneath (until about 50% into the book)And the heroine refusing to see that her father is a horrible guy?! Frustrating to the extreme! The fact that it took her seeing his evilness for herself, instead of listening to EVERYONE ELSE, is the definition of an overly stubborn heroine. Did not win any points for me.I found myself more interested in the side romance of the hawks then in the actual h/h Pussy Brothers. Fav line, genius of the funny.But.Loved this romance which surprised me since I was not a fan of the H in the other books up until about the 65% mark when the romance took a back seat to the stupid. The whole foolish 'but he's my daddy' thing with the h made zero sense and the romance, focus on the H/h, and the pretty smokin smex went bye bye for this boring plot device...and then, boom the H gets his feelings back...wrap up.Disappointing. So 4 for the first part of the story and a 2, skim in, for the latter part.Not sure the next book which I'm assuming will be m/f/m or some love triangle without the 3-way holds appeal...Arian shifter romance isn't something I have interest in.
Actual rating: 4.25...i've missed the Eternal Breed world.
Another fantastic read by Laura Wright!
Love love love!!!
Dreaming words.
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