Evelyn Vine Be Mine (2000)
Evelyn Vine Be Mine (2000)
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This book is horrible. Stone is quite possibly my least favorite character after Evelyn. He's supposed to come off as silent, brooding, and powerful but instead he just comes off as a mute. It's unrealistic. You can't properly build a relationship when you don't communicate with each other and the whole "conversations with their eyes" thing was complete bullshit. Also it's impossible for Evelyn to go from an A cup to a C cup in just a couple of weeks... Seriously. It doesn't matter how many weights you lift, it's not possible. The secondary characters were annoying and I don't understand why they were trying to make the fact that Evelyn had brothers such a huge secret. There's nothing scandalous about siblings! All of Evelyn's interactions with stone in this book were awkward and annoying. It's impossible to get a good read on his personality. All the characters in this book were so bland. In the beginning we were led to believe that Evelyn's family ignores her yet all the first half can talk about is how protective her brothers are of her. I loved this book it was such a nice sweet story. I loved Stone and his way of talking with his eyes but I had few problems with Evie I liked her but sometimes I wanted to yell at her and tell her to get a efing back bone she let others rule her took much! I loved their group of friends wish they were my friends :) and Evies brother all I can say is wow such a big family lolz I felt bad for Stone at the end when he finally met them hehehehe that scene was hilarious and the presents she got while her brothers and sisters watched hehehehe so funny! Overall this was a good book but I wanted to know more about Stones family and I wanted to see their relationship develop some more. An epilogue of their future would have been icing on the cake for me but the author didn't have that and I wish she did because then I would have given this book five stars? And the song wow I loved it it was so romantic (awe) did I mention how much I love Stone lolz wish I had someone like him too!
the book was SWEET!!just wish its a series..will love to read more about the vine siblings :D
I loved this book it was a really good love story
An easy read
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