Everybody's Got Something (2014)
Everybody's Got Something (2014)
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Grand Central Publishing
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Robin Roberts is a tremendous storyteller! I found this book boring at first, but as I read I found myself in Robin's world. This memoir can be summarized into three words: Faith, Family, Determination. Robin explains to us with poignancy her journey of breast cancer, the loss of her mother, Lucimarian, and recounts childhood memories while evolving into her relationship with her terrier, KJ and her girlfriend, Amber. The title of this story comes from Robin's wise mother: everybody's got issues and they have to face them head on or they'll suffer the consequences. I'm sure plenty of reviewers have gone in depth with the meaning of the book so I'm probably not saying more than they are. I can just only give my opinion. It's definitely worth a try...but not one for the bookshelf (even though I have it on mine because I keep ALL of my books). Final star rating: 3.5! As a fan of Robin Roberts and Veronica Chambers, it was pleasant to read their collaboration, culminating into this multifaceted yet mono-thematic book. Intended to provide a look into the life, challenges and triumphs of Roberts, the book soared into the places where the heart beats and tears flow. I found myself, at times, at the crossroads, unsure whether to accept the simplicity of the writing or denounce how casual the details appeared to be. I chose to absorb the beauty of the story and remain an admirer of a brilliant soul. This book proved that the faces of drama are vast and needn't reflect social chaos to be defined. Very inspirational... simply because Robin Roberts is.
she shares alot in this book, I want to read her mom's book also
Great book. Great show of Robin strength and courage.
DNF cancer
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