Everything I've Never Had (2013)
Everything I've Never Had (2013)
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1492206083 (ISBN13: 9781492206088)
Lynetta Halat
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I love Lynetta Halat's books, and this one did not disappoint. Celeste and Adrian's story is a bit unique, different than your typical love story. I always like when the story has many twists and turns and I don't know what's coming. That was this book. I couldn't have guessed what happens next no matter how much I tried. Celeste is tired of being controlled, so to speak. After losing her husband she has grown very close to his cousin Adrian. Her family does not accept him and they decide the hell with what everyone else thinks. Adrian is a beautiful soul, he loves Celeste's children unconditionally and I was rooting for him to get the girl!! Just when things are getting good, and it looks like Celeste and Adrian can stand up for their love, the unthinkable happens. I loved every word of this book and Lynetta did it again, amazing story!! I received an ARC of this book for an honest reviewThis book starts off with us getting to know Celeste Hebert and her 3 boys. Celeste is part of a family where choices are made for you and you might not always agree with those choices but you certainly abide by them. Celeste married who her family wanted her to marry and she had 3 great boys with him and while he was her best friend and she loved him very much it wasn’t the passionate all consuming kind of love . When he becomes ill and passes away his cousin Adrian steps in to help her raise the boys.This is where it gets good, and trust me I mean GOOD! Adrian is such a wonderful man as he helps her raise the boys they become really good friends and have an attraction to each other like no other. They both try as hard as they can to run from it as their being together would not be permitted in this family but the pull is just too much and they can’t help themselves. Both are so scared of what could be and neither of them are willing to take that chance yet.As time goes on it becomes too much for both of them to handle and they know they must do something about it, but what can they do?I won’t say too much because I don’t want to spoil this book for anyone but I will say I absolutely LOVED this book! I couldn’t get enough of Adrian! ( and that is an understatement) I mean really he is just so HOT, the things he says and does will just make you want to jump him….lol you will understand when you read it! I loved Celeste she was such a strong, independent woman and I really liked that and her boys are so funny. You can feel the love that Celeste and Adrian have for one another and it just tugs at your heart. The characters in this book just pop out to you, they are everyday people that you could just hang out and have fun with.I really liked that the Author dedicated this book to all of our men and women in uniform and that she addressed such a sensitive subject that we are seeing more of these days. It is a reminder that all Military personnel need our love and support for the job they do for all of us and I for one appreciate and respect them very much for it and it was nice to see an Author acknowledge that and bring that forward! Thank you Lynetta Halat for such a wonderful book!
Meh. This book didn't do it for me. It wasn't terrible, but it didn't keep my attention.
One of my new favorites!!! Absolutely loved the story of Adrian and Celeste!!!!
Super dramatic and a little predictable, but overall I really liked this book!
Someone told me the H cheats??? Anyone know?
Good book
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