Ex-Communication (2013)
Ex-Communication (2013)
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I've really enjoyed how the voices were done in this and the previous Audiobook, where everyone's "words" were actually spoken by different voice actors.Zzap's has been hiding something since the last novel and no one knows quite what to -or not to - believe...That aside in this novel - the title of Ex-Communication and the Catholic Excommunication really almost gives away too much. In this book religion's demons and sorcerers spirits and exes that speak and aren't Legion - but real people returned to consciousness without living bodies are all touched upon. Regenerator makes a appearence as well, although his fate isn't a certain one. This is a zombie book. Okay, so zombie books are a little overdone these days. This is a superhero book. Okay, so superhero stories are a little overdone these days. Based on what I am seeing is coming out in the next few years for movies, it looks like at least the movie industry still thinks the superhero cash cow can still be milked. At this I am glad. I enjoy superhero stories. I also enjoy zombie stories, although I admit I am a little burned out on them. This series combines the two genres and I think the author did a good job with it.This book has a few twists that keep the zombies vs. superheroes schtick interesting. If you have read the previous two books and enjoyed them, then I would recommend this book as well.
Enjoyed this series... Book 2 might be my favorite so far.
Still love this series-zombies and superheroes/villains.
Fun zombie novels
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