Ex Machina #10 - Fin De Mandato (2000)
Ex Machina #10 - Fin de mandato (2000)
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I've mostly waited to render up stars until getting through the 10th volume. I thought the first 5 volumes held up well. Then there began to be too many mysterious red herrings crossing the Great Machine's path. By the end I thought the story had gotten lost among those extraneous fishes on their fishy (story-wise) paths. I would be hard-pressed to suggest that the art suffered for the story-line, but I suppose it must inevitably have done so only to the extent of a wont of coherence. Bam! Great ending to this series. Definitely along the lines of what I expected, but still just enough outside the lines that I still held on to the last moments wondering how it would end. Brian K. Vaughan does a great job with this story and really flushes everything out perfectly. Far from flawless, this entire series really told a wonderful story that I can see myself revisiting years down the line.
Disappointing conclusion to an otherwise intriguing -- though never quite satisfying -- series.
2.5 I forgot how very dark Vaughan likes to get.
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