Ex Machina, Vol. 10: Term Limits (2010)
Ex Machina, Vol. 10: Term Limits (2010)
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1401228364 (ISBN13: 9781401228361)
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Now that was a wow of an ending. The story arc with the Big Bad gets wrapped up cleanly enough. There's a lot of talk of alternate universes, but no definitive explanations. I don't necessarily mind this, as that always seemed like an awkward plot device anyway.But then the story continues, as Hundred steps down from being mayor and heads to Washington. But what happens to him? Not story-wise, but as a person? All I'll say is that I did not see the resolutions with his two closest friends--Bradbury and Kremlin--coming at all. Great job by Vaughan ending the series with both a period and a question mark. So where does Ex Machina rate? Behind Y: The Last Man and Saga (so far), but still worth reading for Vaughan's writing and the questions it raises. Ex Machina waits until this final volume to get consistently good, and until the very end to be great. The main plot that runs volume-to-volume is WAY too slow, and the other volumes all feel like some after-school special dealing with the hot-button issue of the week. The art style also gradually relaxes through the series' run, until it is no longer distractingly reference photo based. Overall, worth reading, but far from the greatest comic I've read.
The capper of an amazing graphic series with wonderful, real characters that gets New York so right.
Great story tarnished by a bad ending. The last 30 pages especially.
A great and unexpected "end" to the series.
just .... wow.
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