Exorcist Road (2014)
Exorcist Road (2014)
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It you’re looking for a demonic possession-exorcism story EXORCIST ROAD is about as good as it gets. This sub-genre of horror tends to be one of my least favorite but since this one was written by Jonathan Janz I figured it would be worth reading. And is it ever. Janz presents a story of character driven extreme horror, not shying away from the grotesqueries and body horror of a demon inhabiting the body of an innocent child. What really makes the story work is the author’s literate prose and deft pacing. The novella never gives the reader a chance to catch their breath. There’s an underlying moral ambiguity to the story and the characters actions that make this a real thinking person’s horror tale. And the end, just perfect. I didn’t see it coming, but it is the only conclusion that would really do the story justice. This is how you end a horror story. Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Father Crowder is called to the home of 14 year old, Casey, who is exhibiting some violent behaviour. His uncle, policeman Danny Hartman has called the priest for help, believing that his nephew is possessed. Danny's partner, Jack, believes that Casey may be the notorious 'Sweet Sixteen' killer and is determined to get a confession from him at any means. The story is told through the pov of Father Crowder, there are really two stories going on, the demonic possession/exorcism and the capture of the 'Sweet Sixteen' killer. The possession story is fairly straightforward and draws many parallels with The Exorcist, a young naïve priest and the more experienced priest who already has several exorcisms under his belt, battle to save the teenagers soul. There are some great scenes with the demonic Casey, telling the assorted individuals present a few home truths and sowing the seeds of distrust of who the killer might really be. The serial killer story has quite a few red herrings thrown in to keep you on your toes and moves suspicion deftly from one individual to another, I ended up changing my mind several times on who I thought the killer was.The characters were believable and engaging for the most part, Casey's father Ron felt a little like a caricature of the 'bad father/husband' but he was still fun to spend time with. The end to Father Crowder's story was a nice twist on the possession trope and has given the author plenty of scope to revisit telling his adventures and I really hope he does.A tightly paced read that adds something fresh to the genre. Recommended.
A fast and fun read that takes a possession story in a refreshing and creepy direction.
review to come...but WOW!
Hmm, interesting....
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