Extreme Vinyl Cafe (2009)
Extreme Vinyl Cafe (2009)
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0670064475 (ISBN13: 9780670064472)
Viking Canada
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Delightful. Absolutely delightful.I am a big fan of Stuart McLean and the Vinyl Cafe. I have been to two of his concerts and listen to his weekly podcast. I have only managed to read a couple of his books however, because I much prefer listening to his stories via radio. Needing something to read one night--and wanting something lighthearted--I picked this book up off my husband's shelf. I thoroughly enjoyed it from cover to cover! Many of the stories were new to me and the familiar ones seemed fresh as I read them. As always, Stuart delivers with humor and style.Whether you've read all the other Vinyal Cafe books or none at all, this one is sure to delight and leave you smiling. My parents are fans of The Vinyl Cafe radio show and suggested I read this book. Well, it wasn't so much a suggestion as a guilt trip, but I'm really glad I gave in to the guilt and read this book. Each chapter is a short story about a fictional family: Dave who works at the Vinyl Cafe, a vintage record store, and his Wife, Morley, and their kids Sam and Stephanie. The stories are charming and touching and hilarious. I read "The Waterslide" to my kids one night and they were mesmerized during the entire reading. The next day they asked me to read another story to them, so I read "Wally," which they also loved, even though I had to explain what it meant to be made redundant. Not all were stories that would interest kids, but they were all stories that interested me. I believe my favorite was "Newsboy Dave."
A very entertaining set of short stories. The "letters" that go with them are also pretty funny.
Fun! Had already heard most of the stories, but they still made me laugh.
Great funny ready. Stuart always makes me laugh out loud.
Good book.
4.5 stars
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