Face The Winter Naked (2010)
Face the Winter Naked (2010)
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0557299349 (ISBN13: 9780557299348)
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It took awhile for me to begin to care about the characters in this book. Not having experienced the Depression, I couldn't imagine a man leaving his family...no matter the reason. But the author's use of changing point of view between LaDaisy and Daniel kept things interesting. About half way through the book, I couldn't put it down. I worried about Daniel's search for work, and hated Clay for what he did to LaDaisy. I felt the accomplishment as LaDaisy found the strength to stand up to her mother.I agree with an earlier reviewer that I would have liked a bit more info at the end about how Daniel would provide for his family...whether he got to keep the job he had. But we're left to believe the best. 1933, right in the middle of the Great Depression Daniel decides that he must leave his wife and 3 kids to walk the country in search of work. LaDaisy, his wife, has no idea where he is or why he just disappeared. She is left to fend for herself with no money for food or rent and a vile landlord who wants his rent paid, while Daniel traipses around the country walking or riding the rails, getting paid pennies for back breaking work when he can find it. This was a free kindle book and it kept my interest. The descriptions of the depression era were heartbreaking, and while I never did completely understand Daniel's thought process for leaving, I thought the book was well plotted and the character makeup excellent.
I liked it. I like to read anything that is historical fiction especially about this time era.
Gave a good feel for life in the Depression. Wound up too pollyannish for my tastes
Very interesting historical description of the great depression.
Very vividly painted story of the depression.
kinda boring. chick book.
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