Fatale, Vol. 4: Pray For Rain (2014)
Fatale, Vol. 4: Pray for Rain (2014)
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The last volume had Josephine in four different historical settings and they revealed different aspects of the world and arc. This one is set in grunge northwest US, and gets gory. It doesn't to my mind advance the overall story arc all that much, but it is creepy, well done. And there's something sort of anti-grunge in this tale that could be sort of amusing depending on your view of that scene. I thought it was funny, anyway. Fatale is turning into a meta-series... a number of almost self-contained horror stories that touch on famous era's and genres, all sewn together in an overarching story modern cthulian horror. Pray For Rain shows us Josephine in the mid-90's, caught up in both the pop culture of that time (failing grunge band she falls into) as well as the cultural boogey-man of the decade (serial killer hunting her) all of which leads to a very surprising twist at the end, back in the "current time" main story.Brubaker is a master of making down-on-their-luck criminals, drifters and losers into multi-faceted, interesting, if doomed, characters. Fatale is a nihilist tragedy. Everyone suffers... the lucky ones die quickly. It is hard to see a satisfying end to this epic being anything but bleak. One can only hope we are just never quite sure when it will hit us. That is the best we can expect.
Awesome volume in the Fatale series. HP Lovecraft for the modern age.
Ed Brubaker is the best in the business right now
My favorite volume yet!
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