Feverborn (2000)
Feverborn (2000)
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What are you doing Moning?I thought you liked Dani...I thought this was supposed to be the Dani O'Malley trilogy. You said Iced was your favorite book...why?I never got into the first books of the Fever series because I really hated Mac and now you gave me a taste of a funny protagonist who has a reason to act immature (unlike another protagonist). I fantasized about the funny scenes of Iced while reading Burned.I might get this one just to find out what happens but...no...HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN..."Featuring fan favorites Mac and Barrons"...no...GIVE BACK OUR DANITHROW OUT MAC SHE ALREADY HAD HER CHANCEGIVE BACK OUR RYODAN I have seen so many fans complain about Dani.... Now they are complaining because there wasn't enough of Dani. WHAT you all think she should do doesn't matter. Shut up! You all are the ones that probably influenced KMM's writing with the bickering of Dani's age. She probably got tired of hearing it and reevaluated her entire plan for the series because of you people.For once, trust KMM. She's earned that from her fans. Let her story go where she thinks it should go, not where you Want it to go. It's not as good. Just stop complaining.
I have to be honest...I am 110% team Dancer.
More Mac and Barrons! More of everyone!
2016? Nooooo. Don´t do this to me!
Woot woot
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