Fields Of Exile (2014)
Fields of Exile (2014)
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This book was very intense. It depicts the anti-semitism on the campus of a small Canadian college. The heroine is a rather humorless woman who is not very happy and feels like an exile even in her actual homeland. The consequences of standing up for her beliefs are tragic and life-changing. Although the book takes place in Canada, the circumstances and prejudices are just as prevalent in the United States. The book is extremely well written and leaves the reader with plenty to think about. 3.5/5This book is filled with ideal and ideas, longing for peace and understanding. All these elements are important to me, and I couldn't help feeling pain while reading. Including at the very end,this 'not so happy' ending, when we come to read the Seder. I'm used to fold the pages' corner whenever something catches my mind, and I did it quite regularly with 'Fields Of Exile'.While I like the content, I'm less fond of the form. Firstly, the main character sounds so freaking annoying and immature to me! We're constantly repeated how clever and unique she is, but, to me, she often appears childish and stubborn, and not for good reasons. And well, when you can't manage to appreciate a character, spending your time reading about his silly or boring behaviour doesn't help to get caught by the book. And that's my main problem.Beside, I'm glad to read, for once, about the hypocrisy surrounding the so-told 'pro-this or that' opinion. There is a huge difference between free speech and hate speech, and Nora Gold offers a good reminder about that. Which isn't bad at all!
Fields of Exile is a wonderful book. I love it! This is a must-read.
Stimulating read on a challenging topic.
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