Fiercombe Manor (2000)
Fiercombe Manor (2000)
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0062332961 (ISBN13: 9780062332967)
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Not what I expected. I was hoping for a creepy ghost story so I was disappointed in that respect. Although there is a supernatural thread that holds the narrative together, this is more a story about women's relationships, mothers and daughters, pregnancy and mental states so not really my thing at all. However I can't fault the writing. It kept my interest throughout, with beautiful gothic-tinged descriptions, a cohesive narrative and well-written characters. For this reason I gave it four stars. It's a good book just not for me. FIERCOMBE MANORKate RiordanFIERCOMBE MANOR is the story of two women of different eras living in the manor house. One woman is depicted in the 1930’s and the other in the 1890’s and they have pregnancy in common. The book is described as haunting and will appeal to readers who loved REBECCA.I, personally, am very tired of reviews that use the beloved REBECCA as a selling point and especially when the book or books don’t even come close to the comparison!The novel has a housekeeper (probably the comparison to Mrs. Danvers) who is the keeper of the secrets of the house and the family to herself. A predicable ending.
Oh dear!!! Had to give up on this took me over a wk to read 90 pages it was just so boring!!!
Had a really hard time sticking with this one. Kept finding distractions to put it down.
Bittersweet Downton Abby like.
Well written, but a bit dull.
Very enjoyable and gripping.
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