Final Sail (2012)
Final Sail (2012)
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"Final Sail" is a mystery novel. It's the eleventh book in a series, but you don't need to read the previous novels to understand this one and this novel didn't spoil the previous mysteries.Helen's case was a clue-based puzzle mystery while Phil's case was mainly a description of his adventures after he'd solved it. The author probably had no idea that another author had already used the idea, but I've read a story where jewels were smuggled in a similar fashion and so I guessed whodunit long before Helen. If I hadn't read that other mystery, I would have been less certain of whodunit though whodunit was among my favored suspects.The characters were interesting, sometimes funny, and realistic in how they reacted to events. The suspense was mainly from wondering whodunit and from the PIs trying to investigate undercover without getting caught. The details about the yacht stewardess job were interesting and woven into the story.There were no graphic sex scenes. There was some explicit bad language. Overall, I'd recommend this interesting mystery.I received this book as a review copy from the publisher. Helen Hawthorne, the protagonist of the endearing Dead-End Job Mystery Series, now finds herself spending her time solving cases with her husband, with whom she has opened a private detective agency. As the book opens they take on two investigations, and the novel is about equally divided between them. The first case involves the impending death of an elderly man, presently hospitalized but with apparently no hope of surviving, whose daughter is convinced that his second wife, much younger than he, poisoned him, the $10,000,000 she stands to gain being a pretty good motive.At the same time, they are hired by the captain of a luxury yacht who believes there is a jewel smuggler aboard, and they agree that Helen will work undercover as a stewardess to uncover his or her identity. But first she is "trapped in a sad domestic drama."The elderly man very soon succumbs, and Helen, who has become ordained in an on-line ministry for the occasion, meets the young widow and gains her confidence, while her husband, Phil Sagemont, applies for a job as the woman’s estate manager [the residence being comprised of eight bedrooms, twelve baths, two dining rooms, a six-car garage and pool house in addition to various halls, sitting rooms and living rooms.] Of course the cops find no evidence of poison, and don’t believe the daughter’s accusations of homicide or of the woman carrying on an affair with another man.Both cases provide windows into the lives of the obscenely wealthy, as the yacht where Helen undertakes her second investigation caters to three couples [and the cute little white poodle owned by one] used to living in luxurious surroundings, served wonderful food and waited on hand and foot, as they say, while sailing in the Caribbean. [And who among us can blame them?] But one of them, or a member of the crew, is smuggling emeralds, and Helen’s job is to find out which one.Helen, now forty-one, is herself a recent bride, thoughts of her first wildly unhappy marriage mostly behind her. She wants to feel like she is contributing equally to the professional side of the marriage, and between them she and Phil resolve both cases very handily. The novel is a charming read, perfect for an end-of-the-summer relaxing day or two at the beach [or anywhere else, for that matter].
Elaine Viets books, especially the Dead-End Job series, are always entertaining.
I enjoyed this as much as I have all of the Dead-End Job Mystery series.
I felt this one was not as good as the others in this series.
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