Find Her, Keep Her - A Martha's Vineyard Love Story (2013)
Find Her, Keep Her - A Martha's Vineyard Love Story (2013)
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Z.L. Arkadie
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This is a new to me author and I was not disappointed in fact I rushed to Amazon to one click the next in this series. I'm not a huge Contep/rom fan but when done right I really enjoy them. I was immediately connected to the characters and the author writing style. Belmont is a Prince with a bit of an alpha, she is mine, insta love thing going but it somehow works. You are so connected with the characters that even the crazy seems sweet and fun. This is sexy and pulls some heart strings, the plot is fairly simplistic and has some holes but over all it swept me away and it was just what I was looking for. 4 solid stars :) Let me start by saying I read a lot. Around 4 - 6 books per week, yup I'm a book junkie. I read romance, mysteries, military romance, anything special ops fact or fiction, historical romances especially highlander series, mild and extreme erotica. This by far was the worst book I've ever read. Sorry to this author but this book started and ended with me thinking I was getting punked. They have insta-chemistry or maybe he does towards her, she doesn't even know he exists! The first sex scene, seriously? Sex and you don't even think of protection with a guy who seems to know all the women around and you saw kissing a girl you thought was his girlfriend the day before cause she was his ex with benefits until you show up at his party? The 10+ orgasms a day, unprotected sex, laced with him going down on her in between dropping his seed deep within her? WTF, this book was beyond ridiculous, I couldn't give a rats arse about Daisy or Belmont. But oh wait, less than 5 days together, 3 of which they don't see each other she may be pregnant and he is over the moon?!Do not recommend at all, I didn't want to finish it but I had to just to see what crazy ending this author could come up with with these characters.Regards,Sonia Root, Book Junkie
I though that it was kinda stalkery but it was a quick work read.
I didn't hate it. Thought it was cute for a free romance book.
Very good book. Really enjoyed it. :D
Light hearted and fun
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