Fire Country (2013)
Fire Country (2013)
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Could. Not. Put. It. Down. I liked this more than 'The Dweller's' books. I loved it. Sucked you right into Fire Country with Siena, who was an awesome character. Rough around the edges but someone you root for. Great plot, great location, I can't wait to read the next one. Never have much to say about books I love except that I love them. You don't even need to read the other Dwellers books to understand this one. Recommended for fans of dystopian fiction. First, this is not my typical read. I prefer UF. Secondly, it is definitely YA, something I usually tend to steer clear of due to the typical and predictable triangle and teenage angst. Fire Country surprised me! It has a well-constructed and tightly woven plot and wonderful protagonist who matured throughout the book. My only criticism would be the lack of explanation for the different sects/groups. I will definitely add the next book to my to-be-read pile!
Another awesome read. I so can not wait till April for book 2
Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed reading this!!
Amazing!!! Can't wait for the next one!!
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