First Day On Earth (2011)
First Day on Earth (2011)
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0545060826 (ISBN13: 9780545060820)
Scholastic Press
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I think that this book is good. Amal is just this one kid who everyone looks at Like a weirdo. Nobody wants to even be near him. People call him gay and mess with him in the boys locker room. Mal also thinks that he does not fit in on earth. He claims that he was abducted a while ago by aliens. Everyone Else around him say that it was just mal having a nervous breakdown. Even in class when he messes up, all the guys start to laugh at him and whoever else who messes up. The only person that mal lives with is his mom. He's tired of seeing his mom crying every time he gets home. His dad left him one morning and he thinks that it was his fault that his dad left because mal thinks he could've stopped his daD from leaving that morning. Mal just looks at earth like it's useless and everyone on it too. I was going to say, what a great, short book for the reluctant teen reader. But actually, it's a great read for ANY teenager. I loved this book...such a great story for to read aloud to a class. It wouldn't take any time at all. It covers almost every angst a teen goes through, heck, a human goes through. It's heartfelt, hilarious in spots, and REAL! I didn't know the author at all but I'm sure to look her up now!
One of the books A recommends to Rhiannon in Every Day, so I'm interested. :D
Very underrated. Deserves more attention
unbelievable but interesting
this was a very weird book
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