First Lady Down (2011)
First Lady Down (2011)
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Alleycat Publishing
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When a sniper tries to assassinate the President, but accidentally kills the First Lady, everyone thinks it was a clear case of a bad shot. But as two investigators (Troy and Amber) dig deeper, they find evidence that suggests the First Lady was really the target. As they get closer to the real truth, they discover that someone is out there trying to eliminate them from the investigation. A little over and above reality when you read how many times they are almost killed, but manage to outwit their enemies. I absolutely love when I find a book I can't put down. It has to have a few components for me - first, it has to be well-written, then action-packed, and finally have characters I just adore. This book delivered on all three. Though the author introduces and then discards a ton of people, I had no problem following the plot, who was whom and the many twists and turns he had his protagonists go through. ATF Agent Troy Barclay and FBI Agent Amber Neilson are complicated individuals who just can't play by the book. They're flawed but fascinating and I couldn't wait to see what scrape they'd get out of next. (and there are many). The book reads well, flows nicely and the prose isn't too complicated even when the author gets technical with certain types of weaponry.I love a good series and truly hope the author produces more with these two protagonists. Really great job!
A quick read and somewhat predictable. I liked the plot/action and would read the sequel.
Read on my Kindle. Was really good. Will look for my by author.
A good read, quick paced and entertaining.
Easy read with a few twists.
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