Food In Jars: Preserving In Small Batches Year-Round (2011)
Food in Jars: Preserving in Small Batches Year-Round (2011)
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0762441437 (ISBN13: 9780762441433)
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This book includes: Jams, Fruit Butters, Jellies, Marmalades, Curds & Conserves, Chutneys & Condiments, Pickles, Salsas & Relishes, Tomatoes, Syrups, Whole Fruit, Granols in Jars (?), Nut Butters, Other Foods in Jars.....Ok: so I didn't know that aside from fresh Maple Syrup, one could/would make syrups or for that matter "Granola in Jars". The "Other Foods in Jars" consisted of: pancake mix, beer bread mix (Really?), chocolate cake in a jar (again, Really?), trio of flavored salts, homemade cultured butter, homemade vanilla extract, chicken & vegetable stock.SUGAR: SUGAR: SUGAR: SUGAR: And More SUGAR: is in these recipes.... even in the salsas & relishes..... That surprised me! These are no quick & easy recipes, these take a great amount of time & concentration and in my opinion if you are going to go through all the time to sterilize the jars, prepare a water bath, chop/dice/peel the fruits/vegetables, you might as well make more than 4 jars of something.You might ask yourself: "Why did she give this 3 ★ if she didn't write a glowing review?" The reason being, it is a good book with recipes that sound as if I might actually taste and enjoy them. This summer I decided to learn canning, and have drawn on several books and the expertise of friends for coaching. Since I am single and live in a small apartment, I knew I wouldn't be canning 40 quarts of peaches on a Saturday; however, there are lots of small-batch canning cookbooks on the market so I forged ahead. I'd heard about Food in Jars from several terrific cooking blogs, and I've really enjoyed this cookbook. I read it like a novel, rather than just skipping around from one recipe to another, and it ended up being the preferred method, since the author admittedly has several typos/oversights in the book (referencing methods or syrups on page "000", for instance) - these were VERY minor, and I simply corrected as I went along.My goal in learning to can wasn't to simply master jams, but to put up fruit, etc. from our local farm markets; however, as I read through these recipes and the author's recommendations on incorporating the jams, preserves, etc. into meals, I will definitely be making more of these than I would have expected. The content is excellent, great photography, instructions are helpful and not confusing - highly recommend as a wonderful cookbook to supplement the basics from Ball. I can only hope that the strengths of this cookbook will be confirmed when I open the jars this winter...!
I read this book cover-to-cover. Most of the projects sound amazing--I've already made five of them!
The best of the book this year and I think it can usefully for people like this book.
Completely obsessed with canning now. Never had so much fun out of one cookbook!!!
Found some good looking recipes to try.
Loved it!!
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