For The Living (2012)
For The Living (2012)
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Amber Quill Press/Amber Allure
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The thin, unoriginal plot was merely an excuse to write sex scenes between two men. I do not know if they were any good because I skimmed past them. The story started out with a man getting drunk because he was afraid to tell his wife that he was gay and divorcing her. The rare times he is not having sex he is either feeling guilty or working up the nerve to do something. Much of the book covers the tired ground of coming out to your parents. DNF at 28%.I didn't like it. I dislike the MC, Jay. And Scott was just perfect and therefore unrealistic and boring.I was not interested in the least in what happens to either of them. I didn't like the whole setting with the dead wife and the "You did nothing wrong" spiel. Lying to your wife about your sexuality is wrong in my book, but ok.I am disappointed because I liked many of the author's other books a lot.And I regret the money I spent on this one. And then I decided not to waste more time on it on top.So, here you are.
Whew... This is a well written story! Chemistry, chemistry, chemistry LOVED IT!
3 stars.It was an okay read, but L.A.Witt could do so much better...
Another good book by one of my favorite authors.
On sale for $0.99 today at Amazon US, 8/1/14 :)
3.5 stars, review to come.
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