Forest Fire (2013)
Forest Fire (2013)
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0988275732 (ISBN13: 9780988275737)
Cold Fire Publishing LLC
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Man, I was on a roller coaster with this one. Boy, Forest could be infuriating, not without cause, but infuriating none the less. I tell ya Syrus is lucky you was a Master I think it helped him from knocking her on her tush for all that frustration. But I believe they are truly suited for one another. I will say I am leery of Daddy dearests intentions, things are set up in a way that could be moving in a number of ways here?. The twins... what goes around eventually comes around. And what of Nettie is her fate sealed in book three? It was a total fluke I stumbled across this series and now I am hooked! After proofreading for the last decade I have come across just over a handful of some truly talented authors. I now mainly read for pleasure, and what a pleasure devouring Forest's journey continued in this novel; Forest Fire (The Legends of Regia). The world of Regina expertly pulls you in, placing you right into the thick of action from where the last book ended. The thickness of emotion consistently has you holding your breath, so don't forget to breathe! Regia is described in exquisite detail allowing you to see it all in your mind's eye easily, there are so many opportunities for extra story lines within the plot which it seems a shame they will never be told or expanded upon. Nor will the story of Forest and Syrus, their love, their future - another book please!!!A fantastic read that I couldn't put down, completely recommended!!
it was a awesome book although to me forest's emotions were confuseing.
Loved the first one this one felt rushed...
Really good moving story line.
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