Forever His Baby (2014)
Forever His Baby (2014)
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Airicka Phoenix
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I finished this book in just one day. I couldn't put it away. I can't help it, I'm just a sucker for romantic stories. Let me get started with the main characters. LILYLily is a nice, smart and a selfless girl. She only ever thinks of the needs of someone else and that is something I LOVE about characters (unless it's over the top, they have to be a bit fierce, too ;p). She is independent and even in situations she doesn't seem to be able to handle by herself, she still tries to figure out a way without asking anyone for help. I can understand her situation and I totally get her. SLOANSloan is the big protector. He wants to help everyone out, in any situation. No wonder, when Lily tells him about being pregnant, he doesn't even hesitate to do everything he can to make it all easier for her. (Okay, I'll keep this short, I can talk about Sloan all day, because, well, yeah I love him. There, I said it.) This man... I can't even... COLEI liked Cole from the beginning. He's the best best friend you could ever imagine. The love he has for both Sloan and Lily is undeniable and unbreakable. Even though he's the little brother, he'd do anything to protect them. Only when left in the dark, he can't help... Yeah, I felt sorry for him there. But it was for the best. Wow, that sounds cliche... Moving on.I cannot ever thank Morgana Phoenix enough for giving us "Forever his Baby". It was definitely one of the best books I've read so far. Seriously, I loved, loved, loved it! Why I didn't give it five stars then? Just because of a few small details that I would have liked being different. But that's not the same for everyone, so yeah. If you like romantic, (a little) dramatic, never-put-it-down books with just the tiniest bit of sexual content, this. Is. The. OneI am going to be in a daze for the next few weeks thinking about this story. Every relationship and every friendship should be like this.... *dreamy eyes*Just this minor question for Morgana Phoenix... Where did the old lady go??? :(Okayy bye! :)Love Isabel I've been anticipating this new release from Ms. Phoenix ever since she announced that it would be releasing around Christmas. I have to say, based off of the synopsis, this book took a much different direction than I anticipated. And, by that, I mean in an amazingly awesome way!Ms. Phoenix wasted absolutely no time starting this story off. From page 1 we are thrown right into the story. No build-up, no back story, just here we go. Lily's pregnant, and scared, and unsure about what she's going to do. So she turns to the only place she has ever known to go and seek help - the home of the swoon worthy McClain brothers.We are quickly introduced to the absolute yumminess that is Sloan McClain. I have totally fallen for book boys of Phoenix's before, but - OH MY WOW!! I seriously believe that Sloan has taken the prize here. He's hot, sincere, hot, hot, and OH did I mention hot? I mean, come on, the guy is covered in tattoo's and is a blue eyed beauty. And he has a heart of gold - what more could you ask for.Through a series of events, we are also introduced to the other main player in the story, Cole McClain, Sloan's younger and also super hot brother. Cole left the sleepy town of Willow Creek behind to start university and build a good life for himself. Lily and Sloan recognize this and decide to keep from him the biggest secret ever. Something that neither of them has ever done...I loved watching the relationship between Lily and Sloan grow and mature into something so absolutely sweet you're going to need a dentist afterwards. It's not ALL sunshine and roses, but damn near close to it!Ms. Phoenix has shown us that she is a master of the paranormal, suspenseful, and thrilling...and with this addition to her repertoire, she has also proven that she is THE master of romance as well. I would give this more than 5 stars if I could...applause to Phoenix for another homerun hit!!!
Really liked this book. I didn't care for the epilogue all that much but as a whole it was good.
"Baby Girl" such a beautiful story! I loved it
Such a beautifully sweet romance!
DNF @ 20%. I was bored. :(
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