Forge (2011)
Forge (2011)
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The book Forge is the second in the Seeds of America trilogy and the author changes the point of view in this book. Chains, the first book, is told in first person by Isabel, a young slave girl. This book is told in first person by the young man Isabel saved from prison- Curzon. Curzon unexpectedly enlists in the Revolutionary War through a series of events and this is the story of his experience at Valley Forge in 1776. About half way through the book we again find Isabel and Curzon reunited. After a brief taste of freedom, Curzon and Isabel are again enslaved and the reader is left to wonder if their escape attempt will be successful. This book was not as satisfying as the first, although it had more war-type action. I did not enjoy it as much as the first book, but am interested to see what the third book has to offer. "Forge" is the page-turning sequel to the book "Chains" by Laurie Halse Anderson. In this book, Curzon Smith ran away with his friend, Isabel, to try and escape from their slave owners. " Forge" changes point of veiws from Isabel to Curzon Smith to show how he lives his life as a runaway slave in the state of New Jersey. Isabel Gardener leaves Curzon and takes all of their money after they had an argument about her sister, Ruth. Because of this, Curon re-enlists in the army against the British in Saratoga. Curzon meets many soldiers and befriends some of them. On the other hand, he is not respected by the other soldiers because he is an African American boy and he is accused of being a runaway slave( which he is). As the war goes on and the weather becoms colder, Curzon and the rest of the soldiers go to fight in Valley Forge. As the boys are facing deadly conditions, Curzon is found by his former owner,Bellingham, and is forced to be his slave again. Curzon also finds someone that he least expects to be there: Isabel. As they meet again, Isabel tells Curzon how she got caught by Bellingham and how she survived before being caught. Because of this, Curzon plans to escape once more with Isabel and will do anything to keep her safe. I reccomend this to those who like suspense and to those who liked the first book, " Chains". I liked this book because it gave me a visual perspective of what was happening in the book.
Not as great as the first one, but an interesting look at the time period.
Liked this one better than the first. Hope the third is released soon!
I had to read this after reading Chains.
The last 30 pgs made the book!
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