Forged (2000)
Forged (2000)
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Forged is the third and last book of the Taken series. I liked it for the most parts but there were some parts I was not crazy about.Cover:The one thing that drew me in to this series were the covers. They’re so colorful and pretty! And if you stare at them for a period of time, then you realize something, they are creepy. These are not reflections, but something else… Forged.If you’re like me, I like to pick books because of the covers. It’s a bad habit. I know. Action: The gang have join forces with the rebels to stop Frank and the Orders. As they try to stop them, they realize they cannot trust anyone. The Forged ones are everywhere and the latest version are extremely difficult to tell apart. Let me just say, this book and series is complete with betrayals!My Thought: What I loved most about this book is that Gray did not give up on Bree. He went through many betrayals, heartbreaks, but he did not want to give up on her. Sure, he did many mistakes but this was his best decision.As much as I loved Gray fighting for Bree… there were times I doubted Bree had her best interest in him. I wasn’t sure if she ever wanted to forgive him. She made rude comments and acted like there were no one to trust. They were in a tough situations. They were in hiding. They needed to fight together and she did not trust Grey. The one good thing she did is tell him something that would make everything better while in combat with the Forges. Overall, the rebels were able to end Frank and his crazy project. Bree and Gray were finally together. Gray ended on a good note with Emma, which was important for both. Forged was a good wrap up of the series. It’s pretty satisfying conclusion. I am glad I decided to read the Taken Series. I think everyone should too! - Leydy I've been bad about keeping up with trilogies and series lately. I've started so many over the last few years, but most have fallen off my radar -- even those whose first books I truly enjoyed. The Taken trilogy is one that's held my interest since its first book released in 2013, though, and that's because of its characters. Don't get me wrong -- the world-building is fantastic, the plot is unique, and the pacing is swift, but it's Gray, Bree, Clipper, Emma, Sammy, and Blaine who've kept me committed. Bree, especially, continues to blow me away with her awesomeness. Though she's not the lead character, she's a standout thanks to her independence and toughness and vigor, and she lends a sense of humanity (and humility) to protagonist Gray. Author Erin Bowman concludes her debut series in a way that feels real and true and courageous and, though there were some genuinely heartbreaking moments, I closed this novel feeling hopeful and content. Recommend!
Such a perfect ending to this series !! I was COMPLETELY satisfied with the ending.
An incredible end to the trilogy. Hate to leave Grey and company behind.
it's not that action-packed for the finale. Quite disappointed.
4.5 stars
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