Franklin And Eleanor: An Extraordinary Marriage (2010)
Franklin and Eleanor: An Extraordinary Marriage (2010)
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0374158576 (ISBN13: 9780374158576)
Farrar, Straus and Giroux
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I've read many biographies of the Roosevelt's. I was familiar with most of story up until they were married. Ms. Rowley gave some very astute insights into the unique marriage the Roosevelt's had. One thing that intrigues me is the relationship Missy Leland had with Franklin with Eleanor's tacit approval. Obviously they were lovers. Why did Franklin marry Eleanor and vise a versa when their personalities were so different from one another. There were plenty of debutantes for Franklin to choose from. Why did he choose Eleanor?A good addition to the Roosevelt literature. This book was a gift, and I finally read it (a year later). I really enjoyed all the history -- I've not read a biography of either FDR or Eleanor, so all I knew about them was farily basic. It was interesting to read about how their lives intersected with WWI, the Great Depression and WWII. The biography is really two mini biographies that deal predominantly with their personal lives.In the future, I think I will avoid biographies that focus on private lives. It somehow seems disrespectful to read about what FDR and Eleanor would have kept private. I would rather read about their fascinating public and political lives. I don't like reading "gossipy" biographies.I did really like how Hazel Rowley shared many direct, from letters, telegraphs and news articles. She did make the book more readable and fast-paced than many in the genre. I kept waiting for the part with Annie and Daddy Warbucks, but that wasn't covered. (JK)Trivia from this book: When FDR was nine, his father bought him a 45 foot yacht.
Decent book....nothing new really but a good read
And what an extraordinary marriage. Great book.
Very Interesting.
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