Frankly, Frannie (2010)
Frankly, Frannie (2010)
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0448453487 (ISBN13: 9780448453484)
Grosset & Dunlap
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Frannie is a 12-year-old who changes her name to seem more adult. Sure. We've seen this all before. Her teacher has offered to take her on a field trip to a local radio station--just in time for the new guy to be mayor once the votes are tallied. But then something radical happens as Frannie, aka Frankly, takes over the on-air time and redirects listeners in the area to a new venue for voting. Then hell comes to her family when they force her to apologize and follow the rules as a way to---NOW BTFU! (Back The Fuck UP!) This is not a message for the children of today! Kids need to rebel! Kids have the right to make changes that are against the status quo! Kids have the right to defy the established order! We should encourage kids in that direction, NOT make them pariahs! Therefore, for her bold actions let me safely say: Frankly, my dear...we DO give a damn! YOU ROCK! You get four stars in a two-star book! (which gets only two for the horrible message of giving in instead of being yourself.) Kids, DON'T APOLOGIZE! STAND UP AND BE COUNTED! Frannie is A HERO OF THE REVOLUTION!!!! Frannie (or Frankly, depending on the day) is everything I would've wanted to have in my early chapter book heroine. She's plucky, funny and a bit scatterbrained. Armed with her resume, briefcase and business cards, Frannie is now ready to take her first steps into the working world-- where there are offices upon offices with spinning chairs just waiting for her to sit in them. Frannie is an ambitious girl whose inner thoughts are sprinkled with her own quirky and charming dialect. Her well-intentioned ways make her a great role model; her tendency to get in trouble makes her relatable. This is a really great early chapter book for girls with chutzpah and spunk.
Same vein as Clementine and Junie B. I liked Frannie a lot and was smiling while reading.
ransum liburannya kal, lagi. ikut nebeng baca, lagi.
Great and cute.
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