Freeing (2013)
Freeing (2013)
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0578129965 (ISBN13: 9780578129969)
E K Blair LLC
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This book is part of the Fading trilogy, but it really could be read as stand alone. If you read Fading you will know the tight bond that Jase has with Candace & see a pretty tight bond with Candace & Mark form as well. It is nor portrayed as quite as deep in this book, but you don't really lose anything to the story. This book centers around Jase & his struggles to be the man he is supposed to be. In the Fading book you knew his was having a tough time actually being gay, but in this book you really see & feel it. I think the author did a good job portraying the inner turmoil of being gay, coming to terms with it and telling those you love & the aftermath both from the standpoint of a good and bad outcome. There are m/m sex scenes which are pretty steamy, but not very graphic. I really enjoyed this book. I loved both Jase & Mark after the first book and the amazing friends they were to Candace so it was nice to get to see more of them and their stories. I would definetly recommend even if you didn't read or even if you didn't like Fading. This book went fast... You will like to read Fading first, so you know how the story happens. This is the story of Jase, Candace's best friend. It's about awakening, taking chances and changes and Jase could not have met better partner than Mark. Mark is the rock in Jase's world. Loved their complicity. As the story goes I'm sure it could have more to tell, when I've reach the end of the book I couldn't believe the epilogue, six months later... please... a lot goes between six months... Where's Candace audition and stage appearance at graduation? Where's her breakdown after knowing Ryan knew? Jase was her best friend, right?I'm disappointed.Well... I'm off to the next, Falling, it better be good!
New subject matter for me. But I loved the perspective! Beautiful characters!
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