From Gods (2000)
From Gods (2000)
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It started out like any other summer for Skylar. She was heading to her aunts for the last summer before she started college, when a random pull over by a mysterious cop started a chain of weird events. On her first day of working in her aunts restaurant in walks her sexy cop, only he pretends she's mistaken, that he's not a cop and it wasn't him(only it was and she wasn't supposed to remember). Finding out that not only are there demigods but that she is one is a serious shock, not to mention the monsters are you to get her. While fighting to save her life she and Mason struggle with a relationship as he us closed off and had been since his mom was murdered. All this boils up to whether or not they will survive and if they do will their relationship do the the same?This book was freakin fantastic! I would compare it to books by Rick Riordan. I love books about the children of the gods and this one was right up there. If you like those types of books then this is a must read.Reviewed for Renee Entress's blog 4 STARS! What an awesome read! I just had my dose of Paranormal/Fantasy fix! I am so hooked from start to finish.Can I have book two now please?! From Gods has different storyline with a touch of Greek mythologies and very cool and hot characters so I really had a great time. I don't want to elaborate much my review because I don't want to give spoilers, if you dig paranormal books or. looking for one to try.. you MUST read this!
Hmmm. I liked it, but also it wasn't what I expected. I will continue to read the series.
Not my usually type of book but I really enjoyed it
Rating: 3.25/5Review coming soon!
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