Gangster Country (2000)
Gangster Country (2000)
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I enjoy anti-hero books and this book didn’t disappoint. I loved Logan and Gianni. The writing was so good, I fell right into their story and walked with them sharing their joy and misery right to the end of the book. The author didn’t minimise or gloss over the dangers and hopelessness of Gianni’s life, there was no miracle “cure” for Gianni, he went through hell and so did Logan. The author did an excellent job of making me care about both characters, these characters will stay with me for some time. Logan's job, as a social worker with the NYC Dept. of Children and Families, collides tragically with the part of Gianni's life that he's kept hidden from Logan. Although Gianni had always thought he was without options, as a high-school drop-out bound to secrecy of life in a gang, he is forced to make a series of hard choices that risk destroying both him and Logan.I enjoyed how the love the two men had for each other allowed them to see beyond the expectations and preconceptions they had at the start of their relationship. Logan understands that doing bad things doesn't make someone an evil person, while Gianni imagines a future different from the one he thought was written for him. But big, scary obstacles (read, leaders of Gianni's gang) try to ensure that the lives that are destroyed are not their own but rather Logan and Gianni's.
It took me a lot of suspension of disbelief to enjoy this read. Anyway, a good and easy story.
I really feel their emotions, the love! I like it :)
Awesome, loved it!!!!
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