Garden Of Happy Endings, The: A Novel (2013)
Garden of Happy Endings, The: A Novel (2013)
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1480511854 (ISBN13: 9781480511859)
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I received this book as a free Early Reviewers giveaway and enjoyed every moment reading it. I think I may have even found a new favorite author. I loved the depth of this book. It explored love and relationship from some very fresh perspectives. It explored young love just beginning, an old relationship that is at the end of the road, a relationship that was lost may years ago and the strength that comes from building a relationship on friendship. While this story tackles some very intense subjects, it was a joy to read. I kept turning the pages hooked on what would happen next. I highly recommend this book! I came across this book when I finished reading 'Angelina's Bachelors' on my reader and they suggested similar books to read. The title intrigued me so I bought it because the synopsis sounded interesting. It was an interesting book and had more of a faith grappling focus than I anticipated but I was drawn to the characters and the way each was trying to find their way through their various trials. This is not a 'Christian fiction' book as some reviewers have suggested. I would say its more about 'spiritual' seeking people who are struggling with the complexities of their lives and finding various spiritual solutions.While not 'the greatest novel ever written', for me this book fulfilled its purpose. with the current world and our country situations, I need something less draining and though this is not a simplistic novel, it doesn't ask too much of the reader. It asks you to care about the characters and their lives. It's asks the reader to keep coming back to find out what happen next and it's focus is more positive. I enjoyed it.
A strange combination of religious discussion, foul language and promiscuity. Didn't work for me.
This is Barbara O'Neal's best book. Inspiring and impeccably well written, it was a joy to read!
Wonderful, emotional and who can resist a book that contains recipes from the book! =)
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