Gefährliches Verlangen (2013)
Gefährliches Verlangen (2013)
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Mozaika Publications
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So, these books have a tendency to be pretty terrible. You have your childish heroine, your borderline (and sometimes outright) abusive male lead, and you have a plot that just barely makes any sense. The MC gets all high and mighty over the smallest things, throwing temper tantrums at every turn, only to turn around and just go along with the big things with the rationale that she doesn't have a choice. And then they have sex. I want to throttle this girl. Seriously. And the guy. My god. What is the deal with ancient rich guys falling in love with inexperienced girls in their teens and twenties? Is this some new thing that I should know about so I can learn how to AVOID IT? Yet, the books always leave off on a point where you kind of have to keep reading, because it's FINALLY getting good. And then you start the next book, and it totally lets you down. This could have been a good trilogy, but it just keeps getting worse with each book. Korum has to try to forgive Mia for her lies and deception. Meanwhile, they're in the midst of a trial trying to prove the Keith's are guilty of helping the resistance and wanting to kill a lot of the K's. There's a villain k whose identity is kept secret who was helping the other Keith members. The villain develops an obsession with Mia and has a vendetta against Korum.Meanwhile, Korum is just sweeter and sweeter. His patience with Mia is amazing to me. She's has never even apologized to Korum for what she did, yet he seems to love her no matter what. I'm trying to like her character but having difficulty.Overall, it's a pretty good story and as with the first book, leaves you wanting to keep reading to see what happens next.
Well written. An ending that leaves you hanging and ready for the next installment.
Another great read! :) Looking forward to the next one.
I will actually give this story a 3.5
Like author and world.
Loved it!!
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